Nordic Naturals, Nordic™ Omega-3 Gummies 60 chews


Chewable, tangerine fish oil treats for children two years and older.

• No artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives
• Gluten free
• Yeast-free
• Milk derivative free
• Easy to chew


60 Gummies

Parents know that there is nothing more important than their child’s health. With a busy lifestyle‚ it’s hard to ensure your child has eaten the recommended doses of every vitamin and mineral; this is even more difficult if he or she is a picky eater! Omega-3s are an essential nutrient‚ most commonly found in fish and flax seeds. Your child can benefit from taking supplements for overall good health. Nordic Omega-3 Gummies ensure that children’s young bodies get the nutrients they needs for proper development. Nordic Gummies contain the recommended dosage of fish oil for children‚ without the fishy taste.

Omega-3 fatty acids contain EPA and DHA‚ two essential fatty acids that bodies of all ages need. They’re essential to brain development‚ healthy eyes and vision‚ cardiovascular health‚ healthy skin‚ and a strong immune system. Children are especially in need of this support‚ given their growing bodies.

These gummies are only for children two years of age and older. Each fruity‚ child-friendly‚ and tangerine-flavored gummy contains three grams. Each Nordic Omega-3 Gummies tablet is soft and easy to chew‚ making it easy for you to get your child to take his or her fish oil supplement every day. These gummies are safe for children to take because they’re made of only organic ingredients such as tapioca syrup‚ cane juice‚ and fish oil derived from sardines and anchovies—even the flavor and coloring are natural! This supplement also contains no preservatives‚ gluten or yeast.

Each bottle of Nordic Omega-3 Tangerine Gummies contains 60 chewable tablets‚ which is a one-month supply at the recommended dosage two gummies daily‚ with food.

Nordic Naturals strives to provide high-quality fish oils sourced from Norwegian Arctic waters‚ along with other supplements essential to life. All Nordic Naturals products surpass international pharmaceutical standards and are pure‚ fresh‚ and tasty. Research-based innovation is a priority for Nordic Naturals‚ and its efficient and potent products are often used in major clinical studies.

Directions: For 2 years and older‚ two gummies daily with food‚ or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist. Please ensure child chews each gummy thoroughly.