Dr. Garber’s, Sleep Aide, 2 fl oz


Men and women who take Dr. Garber’s Sleep remedy as directed can expect to experience several important health benefits:

  • Promotes the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep for a more beneficial night’s rest.
  • Helps prevent occasional sleeplessness due to stress, overwork and other factors.
  • Aids in calming nervous stomach.
  • Promotes relaxation and a sedative effect.



2 fl oz (60ml)

Dr. Garber’s Sleep is a homeopathic remedy designed to support the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and combat occasional sleeplessness. Dr. Garber’s formula for Sleep features bulbinum 9C, rhodonite, English hawthorn and fig tree and lime tree buds. This blend helps to influence brain and parasympathetic nervous system function involving insomnia, often caused by overwork, chronic stress, and travel that disrupts the normal sleeping cycle. Many individuals prefer this natural remedy to over-the-counter and prescription medications because there are no adverse morning-after side effects such as grogginess.

Serving Size: 1 ml

Servings Per Container: 60

English Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) young shoots
Fig Tree (Ficus carica) buds
Lime Tree (Tilia tomentosa) buds
Bulbinum extract (bovine)

Other Ingredients: Glycerin, Purified Water, 15% Alcohol USP

Suggested Use: Take 1.0 ml, directly by mouth or in a small amount of water, two or more times a day, as needed. Children should take half the adult amount.